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MARISHA: Wait, can I go with you a little bit?. figured shit out the last time.. MARISHA: Would you prefer to be a cloud?. His name is the Doctor.. TALIESIN: Rolling stealth plus ten.. LAURA: I mean, you could try.. TRAVIS: Motherfucker.. LAURA: How does that work?. Thank you very much.. TALIESIN: Actually, even more than that..


MATT: "Another shiraz.". someone to do it.. ♫ G, g, girl. MATT: You rip the chain from his grip.. MATT: Craven Edge is on the ground, yeah.. Snap out of it.. What are you doing with it?.


LIAM: Two eights. ♫ Hey You. TRAVIS: Yeah.. MATT: So 49.. Look at it, you guys.. LAURA: No, but I'm going to be ready to.. MATT: Okay.. MARISHA: No.. ♫ Five, six, pick up sticks. MARISHA: Yes, that's a true story..


LAURA: So, Oh! I'm an assassin too!. SAM: It was very dusty in there.. LAURA: (gasps) Oh my god I rolled a natural 20!. With advantage.. MATT: Nice.. MATT: That's up to you guys.. Scanlan, you create a distraction--. LAURA: Nice!. LAURA: What about the doors? Are there handles?.


♫ Three four, open the door. TRAVIS: Oh, Pike, you're so brave!. MARISHA: Are we still trying to keep one alive?. ♫ The cat and the fiddle. ♫ And the doctor said. 47c21cc077

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